Welcome in Živogošće at Makarska riviera! 

Apartments Bulić are located in the center in the quiet little fishing village of Živogošće in the Makarska Riviera region.Živogošće lies 16 km from   Živogošće - apartments Bulić  Makarska to the direction of Dubrovník and this location is popular for tourists. There are beaches with soft pebbles, the sea is wonderfully blue and from your stay in Živogošće will leave a lasting impression full of pleasant memories.

In the apartments Bulić can spend a pleasant holiday families with children or individuals. Besides swimming and sunbathing you can do all kinds of tourism, including trips around. For example: Visiting towns Makarska, Tučepi, Dubrovnik (about 140 km from Živogošće) or you can visit one of the islands that are close. It just depends on your imagination and needs.

Živogošće - beach

The standard equipment of the municipality Živogošće is also a wide range of services: supermarket, restaurant in the village and on the beach, rent kayaks, pedal boats, chairs, personal watercraft, boats and motorcycles. Daylong trips to a nearby islands are possible too.Živogošće - rental Bulić

On the beach near to Bulić' s apartments is a shop MARES. This shop is situated in the vault under the hotel pool. A part of the shop is selling refreshments - cold drinks, ice-cream, coffee, etc - and it offers comfortable sitting area. You can also rent deck chair, parasol, pedal boat, kayak, motor boat and motorbike here. Guests from Bulić' s apartments receive a discount for the rent.

Photo Gallery: Živogošće

Capacity in the Bulić' s apartments:

2 x four beds apartment

4 x double-triple beds apartment


All of these apartments have an air conditioner, Wi-Fi, TV satellite and parking place directly at the apartments!

Stay pets - dogs, cats, etc. in apartments is NOT possible!!


If you won´t find the right apartment for you, we have got another offer at: www.zivogosce-bulic.info


Important notice:

Bulić apartments are not travel agency and do not offer different stays.